2018 Books in Review

My favorite part of every year is the Year in Review posts. It is the time where you get to see what you have accomplished during the year and how much you have grown in the past twelve months. Last year I started the tradition of doing a Year in Review with my favorite books of the year. If you are interested you can read it here: 2017 Books in Review. If you want to follow the books I read IRL and check out the books I want to read in the future go check out my Goodreads. These books … Continue reading 2018 Books in Review

#Growthmakers visit Smartly.io, Goodio and Wolt

As part of #Growthmakers we visited three companies located in Helsinki. Smartly.io an online advertising Saas company with a focus on customer service. Goodio, which produces healthy chocolate bars with principles of sustainability and wellbeing. Wolt, a food delivery service that in just a few years has expanded to over 32 cities. From this visit we had a lot of observations and insights from each company which you can find bellow: Smartly.io – Insights Smartly was a very interesting company with a very current approach to marketing. We started the day with Nicky Dolenc, who gave us an introduction to … Continue reading #Growthmakers visit Smartly.io, Goodio and Wolt

4 Lessons I Learned from Richard Branson

Richard Branson: Finding my Virginity Although I mainly read non-fiction books, I was surprise to realize that I do not read many autobiographies. I have read biographies such as Steve Jobs and Elon Musk’s biography, between others. But there is something in autobiographies that just makes stories more interesting. This was the case with Richard Branson’s Finding my Virginity. The combination of adventure, business and good story telling, made this book so enjoyable to read. What will I take from the book? What I learned can be described from my top 4 favorite quotes found in the book. Taking (calculated) … Continue reading 4 Lessons I Learned from Richard Branson